Mothers give birth through the womb that brought them to life
Published on: 04/12/2014

For the first time in medical history two women in Sweden gave birth to children with the wombs that they received from their mothers.

In the same research programme last September the first child from transplanted womb was born. In that case the womb belonged to a close family friend.

On total nine women have been submitted to transplantation at the University of Goteborg. The surgery was successful in seven of them and four of them became pregnant. The first three of them have already delivered giving hope to thousands of women all over the world who are born without womb or have lost their womb because of cancer.

The first of the two last cases is about a 29 years old Swedish lady who was born without a womb and she delivered a little 2,49 kg. boy. The second case is a 34 years old patient who was submitted to hysterectomy because of cancer and she also delivered a 2,69 kg boy. Both babies were born with c-section a month earlier.

Professor Mats Brännström has spent 15 years ameliorating the technique. He believes that in the future the 10 hours long surgery for the remove of the womb from the donors will be simplified and will last only a few hours.

Until today there have been only two more efforts for womb transplantation in. S. Arabia and Turkey, but with no success.

Now such surgeries are being planned in G. Britain, France, Japan, USA, Australia and China, Dr Brännström explained. In G. Britain though, the doctors are considering using the organs of dead donors.

In any case, the womb transplantation is unlike to become a routine surgery since it is an invasive and expensive method that entails a lot of dangers for the mother and the embryo.

Source: ΤΟ VIMAOnLine
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