Lesbians suing the New Jersey for discrimination in IVF
Published on: 07/09/2016

Two lesbian couples filed a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey protesting about discrimination in the insurance coverage of IVF: their insurance company essentially asked them to have sex with men to show that they are not fertile.
According to the lawsuit, the New legislation Jersey considers infertile only women who fail to conceive naturally after at least one sexual intercourse time without protection.

According to the four women, this legislation is unconstitutional and discriminates against gay women, which eventually forced to pay from their own pockets in vitro. 

The lawsuit filed in federal court in New Jersey is in addition to the public debate about the rights of Lesbian community, Gay, Bisexual and trans people, according to Reuters. 

New Jersey is one of the 15 US states where insurers are required to cover the cost of IVF. So far, only California and Maryland have changed the definition of infertility to include same-sex couples.

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