Indian woman gave birth at the age of 70, breastfeeds her baby and feels “blessed”
Published on: 18/05/2016

Experts point out that serious questions are raised regarding the birth of a child by an elderly woman

The story of the elderly Dalider Kaur from Amritsar of India who gave birth to a healthy boy last month is going viral causing enormous questions and reactions and doctors are warning about the impact of this decision on mother’s and child’s health.

The exact age of the mother is undefined, however, it is known that she is going through the seventh decade of her life and that her husband who is the father of the child is 79 years old.

The couple has been married for 46 years and tried to have a child without success. But when they saw the advertisement of an IVF clinic they decided to make another attempt and it may seem unbelievable but they succeeded!

Not only mother and child – which was born on 19th of April – are in good health, but the elderly woman nurses the baby and declares excited and blessed for that “gift”.

However, according to AFR, experts emphasize that serious questions are raised about the birth of a child by an older woman.

The fertility expert Sunil Jidal said that the case brings out a serious moral issue expressing his opinion that it is not right for an over 60 years old woman to become pregnant.

Another question raised is the fact that the elderly parents have a few years of life ahead, so who will take care of the child when they pass away?

The operators of the clinic where the elderly woman had her first child told AFR that they just cultivated the couple’s genetic material – sperm and eggs – and helped them make their dream come true after two failed attempts.

According to a report in the British newspaper Guardian, the clinic used the sperm of a donor, not the sperm of the 79 years old husband of the mother.

Worth said that – until now – according to the Guinness Book, Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara is considered the oldest woman in the world who managed to become a mother. The elderly Spanish woman gave birth to twins at the age of 66 through IVF after lying to the doctors about her actual age.​

Source: Proto Thema
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