Greek Minister of Justice Ch. Athanasiou : «Marriage of homosexuals is against human nature»
Published on: 11/12/2014

The minister of justice Ch. Athanassiou made statements regarding the cohabitation agreement and marriage of homosexuals, which could be described as conservative and reactionary.

In particular the Ministry of Justice expressed concerns about the consequences of a possible adoption of a cohabitation agreement, as the ministry does not want to act under pressure. The minister of justice Ch.Athanasiou appeared categorically opposed to the possibility of legislating in favor of the marriage of same-sex couples, as well as noted: "We are a country that respects the nature of man" ...In previous statements, said: "I do not discuss this issue, neither can I think about it. Besides, the Convention on Human Rights forbids it. When the Convention refers to marriage, talks about man and woman. We are a country that respects the traditions, respects human nature and the marriage of same-sex couples can not be allowed, at least with this government and this minister. "

Regarding the cohabitation agreement, Mr. Athanasiou admitted that Greece has been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights for non-adoption, but hinted that the government does not hurry.

"It's a fact, and thus we can not turn a blind eye," he said and added that the issue will be discussed in a special committee as "it is a little risky to talk so easily and quickly about cohabitation agreement." According to Mr. Athanasiou the consequences of  a cohabitation agreement should be examined in depth (eg. adoption by same-sex couple).

"Our country has structures. We must see it religiously, politically and socially. It is not a simple issue, "stressed and concluded:" The ministry of Justice can not under the pressure of anyone, without sobriety and composure, consider such a question. 

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