Without license the 67 Unites of Assisted Reproduction in Greece!
Published on: 27/10/2014

Thousands of couples every year are submitted to assisted reproduction without safe framework and control – Reactivation of the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction.

Tens of Units of Assisted Reproduction have been operating for several years in Greece without license and without being controlled. There was the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction which was supposed to control all the Units, but it was taken apart two years ago.

There is a mandatory need for the reactivation of the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction for the control and authorization of the Units that every year apply the methods of assisted reproduction in thousands of couples.

The new President of the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction, Prof. Ar. Antsaklis, announced that the 67 Units will be checked and licenses will be issued according to the relevant greek legislation. Also a new software is already being prepared in order to connect the National Authority with all the Units. In this way there will be a record of all the methods of assisted reproduction being used and the traceability of the biological material will be guaranteed and unwanted incidents will be avoided.

Record of infertile couples

            One of the main priorities of the National Authority is the total registration of the 15.000 cycles of assisted reproduction that is being estimated that take place every year in Greece. The goal of this registration is the protection and the objective information of the citizens.

            Fundamental is considered the recent intervention of the National Authority regarding the maximum number of fertilized ova being implanted according to the age and other medical factors. The main goal of this intervention is to avoid the multiple pregnancies that entail a lot of dangers for the neonatal and the mother.

            The limitation of the high risks pregnancies is a practice that is being used for more than a decade in the rest of european countries, while in Greece it has only been regulated in 2014. 

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