Morocco, new bill against surrogacy ready
Published on: 02/04/2016

Morocco is ready to pass a law against surrogacy, said Health Minister Houcine El Houardi.

The text of legislative proposal n.47-14 which is currently being drafted will regulate artificial insemination as a whole and will turn surrogacy into a crime.

Once the bill will be approved, reproductive cloning, gender-selection and the sale or transfer of gametes for commercial or scientific purposes will be punished with penalties which will go from 10 to 20 years of prison to fines worth from 500 thousand ( 46 thousand Euros approximately) to one million Dirhams (92 thousand Euros approximately). The draft bill which was recently sent to the Rabat General Secretariat, makes all forms of maternal surrogacy illegal, with the intent of ''respecting human dignity against any type of commodification the female body''.

Surrogacy is not regulated in the African continent with the exception of South Africa which allows it, provided that the woman carrying out the pregnancy does not receive any payment.

With this bill Morocco will be the first African country to ban it.

Source: ANSAmed
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